This is the official website of Yogeeswara Foundation, a Yogeeswara Community organisation formed with the purpose of serving the unprivileged in this world around us, and thus to fulfill a part of the divine appointment of the Yogeeswara by the almighty.

        The Trust is formed with the members of the Yogeeswara Community in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. ‘Yogeeswara’- the Sanskrit word means ‘a great saint who is equivalent to god’. It is also defined as ‘one who reaches the level of ‘Iswara’(god) through Yoga and meditation’.

        his community is mentioned in the Census Report-1931 of the British Government as the descendents of Saints or ‘Rishis’. They are basically Saiva Brahmins from Kailasa (Kashmir) and migrated to South India, mainly in Tamil Nadu to promulgate Saiva Siddhanta. Later they spread out across all the states in South India.

        The Tutelary Deity of Yogeeswara is Lord Siva and his incarnations. They also worship Lord Vishnu and Sakthi with equal importance. Primary occupation of Yogeeswara is Priestly-hood. Another main occupation is Teaching of Vedas and Sasthras and thus got the surname ‘Gurukkal’, means teacher.

        The Yogeeswara is a synonym of Lord Siva, and they are considered as the sons of Siva. The famous legend about the creation of Yogeeswara throws some light on their origin .

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