Yogeeswara community has a lot of Temples and Mutts at different parts of India. All these Temples, Mutts and the related Trusts are co-ordinated by the Yogeeswara Devaswam. In addition to this the Devaswam has responsibility for conducting, Sanscrit classes, ‘Tantra//Vedic/Astrology’ courses, periodic evaluation of ‘Pooja’ systems. Co-ordination of festivals in Temples, providing priests for Temples and for functions like Marriage, Upanayana etc, are also their responsibilities. The President of the Yogeeswara Devaswam is ‘Brahmasree Radhakrishna Yogeeswararu’ of Kuthiroli Matttham,Vadakara and the secretary is ‘Thantri Brhmasree Neelakanta Yogeeswararu’ of Padippura Illam, Mankaram,Trivandrum
Brhmasree Radhakrishna Yogeeswararu
Brahmasree Neelakanda Yogeeswararu
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